• The comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) and its re-authorization, Superfund Amendments and Re-authorization Act, SARA, mandate that certain hazardous materials must be removed if found on a commercial or industrial property site. Under the law, both the current and former owners of the property may be held liable for the cleanup of any contaminated materials that are subsequently discovered.

• Since hazardous substances could contaminate virtually any property, it is prudent for all involved parties to assess potential environmental liabilities and responsibilities prior to closing a real estate transaction. The best legal defense in environmental cases is to have documented proof that the site or facility was assessed with “due diligence” for environmental hazards prior to acquisition or other means of contractual obligation.

• Trident Environmental Services offers a full range of environmental property assessment, investigation, and audit services to help you make informed decisions when facing RCRA, CERCLA, and SARA regulations, as well as local laws governing property sale and transfer. Our staff of highly qualified, registered environmental property assessors, and health professionals will thoroughly investigate the buildings, soil, and groundwater on your property to help you address such concerns as:

• Whether contamination exists Responsible parties, if corrective action is required. How environmental problems might affect the intended use of the property. Any risks and associated liability Environmental Property

Assessment and Audit Services offered by Trident Environmental Services include:

Phase I – Preliminary Site Assessment
• Site condition evaluation
• Evaluation of past site use and operational practices
• Property title searches
• Tenant records and archives research
• Aerial photos, site maps and plans review interview with previous owners
• Construction records
• Environmental regulatory records
• Current commercial & industrial operations
• Inventory of on-site hazardous materials, records & MSD’s
• Review of environmental files and permits
• Evaluation of various environmental transport routes

Phase 11 – Environmental Site investigation
• Development of testing program
• Site exploration using soil boring or excavation of test pits
• Collection and sampling of soil, surface and groundwater
• Installation of groundwater monitoring wells
• Sampling of liquid and sediment in streams, ditches, ponds and surface runoff
• Exploring suspect fill areas
• Sampling suspect areas of past spills
• Tank leakage testing
• Soil vapor survey and monitoring
• Geophysical investigations
• Analysis of groundwater flow and contaminant transport
• Monitoring ambient air quality
• Sampling of suspect asbestos-containing materials

Upon completion of the Phase I Site Assessment and/or Phase 11 Site Investigation, an Environmental Site Assessment Report is provided to summarize our work, fully document the results of our findings, and state our professional recommendations and opinions.

• Environmental Audit
• Verifies compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements
• Evaluates the effectiveness of existing environmental
• Management systems
• Assesses risk from regulated and unregulated materials and practices
• Determines any necessary corrective actions
• Regulatory Compliance Review

• Evaluates compliance with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to hazardous waste, hazardous waste cleanup and liability, community right-to-know, underground storage tank management, wastewater discharge, air quality, PCB’s and drinking water
• Provides a detailed facility survey
• Review of environmental files maintained by the facility and regulatory agencies
• Interviews with on-site personnel responsible for managing environmental, industrial hygiene, and safety programs

Upon completion of our environmental and regulatory compliance audit, we provide you with a report that summarizes the items reviewed and highlights any environmental problems and areas of non-compliance. We also furnish recommendations for achieving regulatory compliance and resolving your existing environmental problems.